Vacaville Roof Repair

Vacaville Roof repair

Vacaville Roof Repair: Don’t Let Your Roof Repairs Go Sky High!

Before calling in a Vacaville roof repair professional, it may be worthwhile to determine whether you can analyze and repair your roof problem yourself.

The best possible time for a Vacaville roof repair analysis is as soon as you realize that you have a roof problem! If the weather is calm enough, and you don’t mind heights, climb up onto the roof. You know what? You should do this even if you haven’t yet noticed a problem. The the best and most economical way to have a trouble-free roof is to inspect the roof regularly so that you see the problem developing before it becomes an expensive Vacaville roof repair issue.

A leak from one dislodged tile is a small and inexpensive Vacaville roof repair, but if you do not inspect your roof regularly, this will go unnoticed. By the time that you DO notice it, it may be because water is dripping into your house! In no time, even a small leak can cause major damage — then in addition to fixing your roof, you may need to fix the ceiling, walls, floors, and so forth.

Vacaville Roof Repair: Don’t Ignore It!

In Vacaville roof repair is rarely on people’s mind because of our beautiful weather. While hail and snow are extremely rare in Vacaville, we do have rain (sometimes) and wind (often).

Always check your roof after a strong wind storm, as most roofing is not designed to withstand fierce winds. Look closely at the tiles for cracks, splits and torn-off corners; also check for lifting. Lifting is a common cause of roof leaks, and can be a relatively easy Vacaville roof repair if caught early. Be aware of multiple tiles lifting, as this could be a sign that the roofing material is too old and is warping from years of weathering.

Vacaville Roof Repair: Check More than Just the Roof

Vacaville roof repair, to be done right, requires that you go into your attic/loft to see if any insulation is right up against the roof itself. This is a bad thing. There should be a gap for air to circulate. Also, when a roof heats up and there is insulation directly behind it, this heat is thrown back into the roofing — excessive heating like this can damage and warp the roof. Preventing this will lengthen the life of your roof and help you avoid the need for premature Vacaville roof repair work.

Another weakness in all roofs is the flashing. Flashing is designed to provide a watertight junction between roof materials and structure, especially if the roof projects out or changes design (as with extension roofs). If you are installing a new roof, it is worthwhile to get the flashing ‘inspected’ as it is a common failure area that leads to a high percentage of Vacaville roof repair projects.

Often the simple fact that the gutters, leading into down pipes from the roof, are blocked with leaves and twigs can cause a problem. Roofs must have adequate run off. Water trapped in the gutter will back up the roof for a few inches and have time to seep into the edges of the roofing tiles. Not all Vacaville homes have adequate perimeter protection on their roofs, although this is one good feature to ask for on a new roof. It can be added to a Vacaville roof repair project, as well.

Quite often several Vacaville homes may incur roof leaks at the same time (often after strong gales winds and heavy rains). This can mean that all Vacaville roofing contractors are busy and you’ll have ‘stop up the leak’ until you can get Vacaville roof repair help.

If you do get a roof leak, and you have placed buckets under the dripping water, be aware that the leak may be in a completely different place than you might think. Locating the true source is difficult, as water can run along horizontal timbers and appear to be leaking from a place that is sound. Getting up into the attic and actually looking for a wet spot on the roof decking will be a more accurate way to tell where the leak is than going up on the roof and looking for signs of damage — which may be imperceptible to the untrained eye. Don’t begin a Vacaville roof repair until you’re sure of where the leak is coming from.

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