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roof repair

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Roof repair is something no homeowner welcomes, but wants done right.

Your roof: Out of sight (mostly), out of mind (totally) — until there’s a problem.

Your roof does a very important job: it protects your entire home and everything in it, including your family! But most homeowners only think about the roof in two situations: (1) When they’re buying the house and having the roof inspected, and (2) when they discover a roof leak, see missing roof tiles/shingles, of have had a tree branch come down onto their roof.

Since you’ve come to our Roof Repair page, we’re guessing you’re experiencing situation (2).

Don’t worry. We can help! And maybe the situation isn’t too bad. Most roof repair projects are actually pretty minimal, especially if the problem is caught early.

Some homeowners delay roof repair work. Here in beautiful northern California, we enjoy rain-free weather for most of the year. So there’s sometimes no sense of urgency to get a “minor” roof leak taken care of. Some people just put out pots and pails to catch the drips in their house when it rains!

But procrastinating on your roof repair can be a serious mistake. What could have been a simple, inexpensive fix can turn into a major, costly roof repair nightmare — not only requiring repair of the roof itself, but of your ceiling, walls, and other elements of your home, as well.

Moisture from a leak can accumulate unseen in the ceiling or behind the walls, causing mold and damaging your home. It doesn’t take a lot of moisture to cause a lot of grief!

Even if there’s no rain expected in the foreseeable future, there are other things besides moisture and water that can turn small roof problems into big headaches.

Roof rats are fairly common in our area, and you’d be amazed at how they can squeeze through the tiniest holes! Mice are even better at getting inside. Then there are other critters, like bats, raccoons, wasps, and so forth. Once they breach your roof, they can set up house right over your head, making themselves comfortable while damaging your property (and causing scary noises at night)!

The sooner you take action to repair your roof, the better off you’ll be.

We specialize in all roof repairs and can fix any roof problem on any kind of roof.

Here’s what happens when you contact us for roof repair help:

1. We come out and do a thorough evaluation of the entire roof. We check the condition of the shingles or tiles, flashings, chimney, ventilation, and if possible, the attic.

2. We identify the problems that need immediate roof repair.

3. We also look for issues that may cause roof problems for you down the road.

4. We discuss our findings with you and the roof repair options available to resolve them.

5. We work with you to develop a customized roof repair plan that will solve your roof problems and protect your property at a price you can afford.

6. We complete the roof repair project to your total satisfaction by showing up on time, doing quality work, cleaning up after ourselves, and respecting you and your property at all times.

7. We guarantee our work!

8. You enjoy peace of mind, knowing your roof repair was handled by experts, your roof is now safe and sound, your family and property are protected, and you’ve had quality work done right by the best roof repair company in Solano County!

Note: Click here for information on Tile Roof Repair.

Please contact us if you have any questions about roof repair or would like us to come out and give you a free estimate.

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