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Every home needs a roof repair or roof replacement from time to time, but homeowners in California often neglect to think about their roof possibly developing any problems because our wonderful year-round climate lulls them into a sense of false security.

Did you know a typical roof begins to break down the moment it is installed? The UV rays from the sun, the wind, rain — you don’t need snow and hail to make a roof wear out.

The words “fix roof” should never be at the bottom of your To Do list! One tiny roof leak left unattended is enough to breach the waterproof seal on your home and leave it wide open to water damage. Once moisture gets inside, mildew, rot and mold can weaken the structure of your home.

We can handle any kind of roofing project!

• Flat/Low Slope Roofs
• Rock Roofs
• All Shingle Roofs
• Tile Roofs
• Any Size Project
• “Title 24” White Coatings
• Energy Star Roofs
• Maintenance – Roof “Tune-Ups”
• Factory Certified Applicators
• Gutter Repair/Installation
• Skylight Repair/Installation
• Dry Rot Repair
• And much more!

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